Choose From Our Loveable and Highly Trained Dogs

At Prime Time K-9, we have a variety of canine breeds for you to choose from. Our pups are skillful in leash obedience, off-leash obedience, service work, protection, tracking, service training, and more.

World-Class Breeders

Our breeders have developed the finest dog bloodlines. They provide us with litters of beautiful and healthy pups.

How We Raise Our Pooches

All of our dogs are home trained. They are raised in our facility with our friends and family and were never kept in kennels or runs.


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Loyal Companions, Guardians, and Service Dogs

We conduct careful testing and pick the pups we think will be great for future work. From service dogs who can help with autistic individuals to friendly guardians who will protect kids and homes, we got you covered.

Finding Their Forever Home

We strive to get to know each person or family that comes to us. At Prime Time K-9, we’re committed to helping you and your future dog companion find a family with each other.

Talk to Us

If you wish to find out more, please give us a phone call.